Realife is a community development agency with a particular interest in working in partnership with people who are isolated or marginalised which means in practice that anyone can come through the door or call us up and we'll work on solving any issues they may be facing or create new projects with them if it's more about ideas than problems!  

We started out in 1996 by being like lots of other voluntary agencies , taking on contracts, working on two year funded projects, building up staff and generally becoming overweight and tied up with running  those contracts for Local Authorities rather than doing what local people actually needed.

So - in 2007 we made a big decision to stop running things like everyone else does, hive off all of our projects that would be better off being independent and go back to being a charity run by and for local people. For us, that means no salaries, no contracts, no short term projects and never, if we can help it, saying 'no' to people if we can possibly avoid it. 

Since 2007 we have been able to develop more new community projects than we did in the previous 10 years and it's all down to listening to local people, working in partnership and the pursuit of sustainability. If that all sounds a bit confusing , take a look below at our current projects and partners and you'll see what we mean.
    Here's what we do.....
National Brokerage Network
Realife acts as the Eastern Region Co-ordinator for the Support Brokerage Network, providing the level 2 accredited Support Brokerage trtaining and a full range of information, advice and guidance services to disabled people, family carers and anyone else who wants our support. More information at www.nbneast.org or www.nationalbrokeragenetwork.org.uk
We are in this Together (WAITT)
Realife is part of a new ERASMUS funded project led by our friends from Rytmus in the Czech Republic with a partnership that includes self-advocates from Austria, Spain and Croatia. The first visit is to Prague in February and we will be hosting an international gathering here in Cambridge in November 2018.
More info from Amy and Rosey on 01223 420850 or email rosey@realife.org.uk
Reception Direct
We run the reception service at the Orwell House Enterprise Centre for Cambridge City Council, enabling us to provide our co-working space and meeting facilities for local voluntary agencies. Find out more at www.orwellhouse.org.uk
Inclusion East
Set up by Vicki Raphael and Jo Hough, Inclusion East is a family carer led consultancy and advocacy network undertaking a wide range of work at regional and national level. Realife is currently working with Inclusion East on a large number of Care and Treatment reviews for people with a learning disability or autism in secure residential settings for NHS England. Find out more at www.inclusioneast.co.uk
The Funky Club
Formerly known as the Funky Flamingo Club, run by and for people with a learning disability led by Amy Forgacs, Nicky Smith and the Six Pack DJ crew. Running 4 times a year plus adduitional special events, these high-energy club culture events were originally set up by Inspire in 2001 and transfered to Realife in 2012. Find our more at www.funkyflamingo.club
We designed these lovely outside shelters back in 2001 for the National Trust and they are now used by all sorts of festival organisers and community events. Find our more at www.greenstage.org.uk
Rebecca and ADDapt Ability
Rebecca Champ is an Integrative Contemporary Psychotherapist and Coach, and the Executive Director of ADDapt Ability. Her passion is to help individuals with ADHD discover how to design lives they love to live. Combining her training as a coach, counsellor and psychotherapist with her personal experience and understanding of ADHD, Rebecca has developed a process and programmes to connect with your core self, discover your natural talents, and build tools specifically designed to create the life you imagine

Find out more at www.rebeccachamp.co.uk
Libra Theatre
Established in 1985, Libra is the regions oldest integrated theatre company. Realife was asked to host the company in 2015. Find our more at tony@realife.org.uk
The UK Pie Party
The Party Leader of the UK Pie Party, Nicky Vere-Compton, runs her Community Interest Company from the Realife premises.  The UK Pie Party tours festivals, fairs and family fun days, where Nicky and the team set up their Pie Party Stall and run their Pie Party Walkabout, selling old style 'custard pies' (Crazy Kids Foam on paper plates) for children to push in their faces, money to a cancer charity or hospice, per throw.  The UK Pie Party has raised over £10,000 this way for a spread of cancer charities and hospices. On 11th August 2019, the UK Pie Party hosted Britain's first SpeedPie, raising £600 for Children with Cancer UK.  Find out more at www.ukpieparty.com
Cambridge Acorn Project
Set up by Matt Edge, www.cambridgeacornproject.org.uk t he Cambridge Acorn Project is committed to developing services, in whatever form, to support both adults and children vulnerable to some form of emotional harm. Realife and Acorn are working in partnership for mutual support to increase the effectiveness of both organisations in this crucial area. Find out more at www.cambridgeacornproject.org.uk
Realife works in Partnership with Strummers Folk Collective to promote live music in Cambridge. Find out more at www.strummers.org
Professional dog trainer Philippa's new social enterprise supporting disabled people to live more independently by teaching a range of skills to your pet dog. As a wheelchair use herself, Philippa has a unique blend of professional skills and lived experience.
Find out more at www.paws-ability.co.uk
Casarabonela - our little place in Spain
Gifted to Realife by our good friend Bob Rhodes of Lives through Friends , this little white-washed haven sleeps 4 and is perfect for anyone needing a break, time to think, write a novel, record an album, drink wine and generally re-charge the batteries. Casarabonela is a 30 minute drive from Malaga airport and the beaches of the Costa Del Sol but our preference is to hang around the local shops and bars in the village and explore the beautiful Siera des Nieves National Park. Watch our litttle home movie here to find out more 
The Virtual Academy
Our major project for 2017 is our partnership with Chris Bullen and colleagues from Visit Ltd to create the International Community Development Department at Vist's Virtual Academy. Check out the link below for a taste of the potential of this extraordinary initiative

Fara's Rhythm & Moves
Fun exercise class combining seated meditation, T'ai Chi, Kung Fu kicks and punching, drumming, music and singing, all before tea and coffee. Class attendees are welcome to bring along a CD we can exercise to. For adults with learning difficulties and complex needs (age 16 and over) all levels of mobility welcome. Monday mornings from 10.15am to 12pm at the Arbury Community Centre Cambridge. Sometimes there is cake too! Call Fara on 07919857617 - sessions costs just £6.

Find out more at https://www.facebook.com/Rhythm-Moves-195583284518292/
Disability Cambridgeshire
Disability Cambridgeshire is an advice and information service for disabled people, older people, their families and carers. They serve people of all ages in South and East Cambridgeshire, Fenland and Cambridge City. Realife and Disability Cambridgeshire have been working together for years and have been sharing offices at Orwell House for the past 18 months. Partnership in action!

Find out more at www.disability-cambridgeshire.org.uk

Realife offers a social enterprise model which allows people to develop their skills for use in the local community.
Building Opportunities 

Building Opportunities is one of the services which Realife runs to support those seeking to create business models for use in the local economy.